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Aaron Azar is an Ohio-based illustrator, comic artist, and writer who graduated with a BFA in illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2020. Together with his three cats, he wakes up every day and spends an absurd amount of time drawing pictures while listening to podcasts and livestreams. In his free time Aaron walks at local parks, reads fine werewolf literature, and enjoys a tasteful fart joke. He loves wearing clothes he knits himself, matched with at least 2 pins from his collection. He misses his dyed hair dearly.

Past clients include American Greetings, Twin Sisters Digital Media, the Oneshot Podcast Network, Tidehead Studios, and various solo indie game designers. He has self published several mini comics and zines, from fantasy horror fiction to introspective reflections on transness and insecurity. His work was featured in the 2018 exhibition Gender? I Hardly Know Her! at the Ann and Norman Roulet Student + Alumni Gallery and the 2021 exhibition Back in my day… at the Reinberger Gallery. Additionally, Aaron has years of experience exhibiting at comic/zine/anime conventions.