Out of It Then in Again, 2021-23

Several comics made during the first few years of the coronavirus pandemic. Introspective reflection, venting, and recounts of true stories show how the author’s mental health rose and fell over time. The approach to each comic differs- including collaged traditional material, formally paneled digital art, and experimental narration.

Out of It Then in Again is a 50 page comic collection.

Love Letter, 2022

I’m super horny but I’m afraid that the sex I have with other men will look straight. But I’m so horny…

A trans man narrates his desire for gay sex with cis men. Black and white pencil sketches, accompanied by handwritten thoughts, depict the close up, in your face, unavoidable details of how that sex could work. Aiming for frankness and honesty, each image is laid out like the acts themselves. Voicing daily yearnings, exposing self love and insecurity all at once.

Love Letter is a 44 page adult zine.

SEX LUVR, 2022

Meet Professor Coomer, an omega nerdcel married to his work who is in the running for a grant from a prestigious research group. They’ve ignored his genius for too long. After months of toiling, his work on SEX LUVR is nearly complete. It’s the moment of truth. He runs his first test.

SEX LUVR is a 6 page adult mini comic.

Lunch Zine, 2018