This Life is Binding, 2023

An anthology of 8 page horror comics by Aaron Azar, Abigail Lee, and Lee Onysko.

Published by Strange Deer Press.

Out of It Then In Again, 2021-23

An 80 page comic collection.

Emotional and relatable, Azar’s evocative imagery captures the bleakness of being alone while adjusting to pandemic living. No two comics were made the same; collaged scans, traditional drawings, and digital techniques accompany abstract narration, stream of consciousness venting, and formal retellings of real events. Contains two comics previously published online and three exclusive new comics.

Published by Strange Deer Press.

3 Aliens In a Trench Coat, 2023

3 artists, 3 prompts: 3 aliens in a trench coat.

An all ages anthology about plants, love, and Ohio…in space! 50+ pages of sumptuous comics and illustrations, galactic goofs, and aliens you’ll wish existed on Earth. Includes work by Aaron Azar, Jaime Dear, and Lee Onysko.

Published by Strange Deer Press.

Lunch Zine, 2018